About The Purple Spade

Welcome to The Purple Spade, the brainchild of Gennifer, a creative force and web design wizard who launched this vibrant agency from the heart of Reno, NV, in August 2016. Gennifer has always been a multifaceted personality, managing her family, a demanding role as a project manager, and her dream of running a versatile marketing and consulting firm.

The journey of The Purple Spade is a testament to Gennifer’s dedication and resilience. The early days saw her ambitiously aiming to offer a wide array of services, from social media marketing to web design, all while balancing her personal and professional responsibilities. This period of juggling roles was challenging but ultimately shaped the agency’s focused evolution into a specialized full-service concierge web design provider by the end of 2018.

At the core of Gennifer’s ethics is a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. She absorbs knowledge from industry leaders, constantly enhancing her skill set to serve her clients best. Gennifer’s technical expertise, combined with her intuitive design sense, allows The Purple Spade to offer unique, bespoke web solutions that authentically represent each client’s brand, driving their growth and elevating their online presence.

With a foundation built on over twenty-five years in customer service and a deep, technical background in telecommunications and IT solutions, Gennifer brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to her projects. Her work ethic and relentless pursuit of excellence have not only defined her career but also the success of The Purple Spade.


Beyond her professional achievements, Gennifer values her time with family, her son, and their menagerie of pets in Reno. She’s an avid San Francisco Giants fan, enjoys yoga, and relaxes on the golf course. Her passion for animals extends into her philanthropic efforts, with the founding of “I Love Lucy Dog Rescue Resources” in 2022, dedicated to supporting local animal rescue and foster organizations.

The Purple Spade stands as a beacon of Gennifer’s vision: it’s not just a web design agency but a place where passion for design meets the dedication to craft meaningful, functional online experiences for clients. With Gennifer at the helm, The Purple Spade continues to thrive, bridging the gap between personal passion and professional excellence.