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About The Purple Spade

Gennifer established The Purple Spade in the autumn of 2016, envisioning it as a versatile marketing and consulting enterprise. With a range of services spanning from social media marketing to web design, the company aimed to cater to diverse client needs. However, as a devoted mother and wife, and while juggling a demanding full-time job as a project manager at a popular VOIP phone company, Gennifer faced challenges in scaling the business to its desired size. Balancing responsibilities, from T-ball practice to server programming, made it difficult to provide the broad array of services initially intended. Consequently, The Purple Spade gradually transitioned into a freelance web design agency by the end of 2018.

Gennifer’s commitment to continuous self-education is a driving force in her life, as she eagerly absorbs insights shared by industry experts. As a hands-on creative, she leverages her technical expertise to craft or enhance web designs that authentically represent a company’s brand. Her ability to discern what works best for her clients, combined with her technical acumen, enables her to deliver bespoke and affordable designs that elevate their image and drive business growth. With more than 25 years of experience in customer service and over 12 years in telecommunications and information technology solutions, Gennifer has proven herself as a capable leader. Her unwavering work ethic and pursuit of perfection further set her apart.

Beyond her roles as the founder and owner of The Purple Spade and a project manager, Gennifer cherishes the time spent with her husband, daughter, son, four dogs, and one cat in the vibrant city of Reno, NV. Alongside her responsibilities, she finds joy in activities such as supporting the Giant’s baseball team, practicing yoga, and occasionally indulging in a game of golf.

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​When I am not designing I am writing about design...

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